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Alka Pool

Alka Pool

The Project

This beach front property has the most glorious unimpeded views of the Malaspina Straight.  Intended as a seasonal vacation home for the clients’ grown children, this residence is the perfect staycation equipped for a multitude of outdoor activities.

Alka Pool

The upper patio features a dining space and a fireside lounge area while the main floor is split between two unique areas.  The upper terrace features a lawn expanse for games and picnicking while the lower patio is reserved as the swimspace.

Alka Pool

The heart of the outdoor living space is the azure blue swimming pool.  While immersed in the infinity edge pool, as both the color plaster and the tile band match the adjacent water, it feels as if one is swimming in the Straight.

Alka Pool

A baja shelf lines one side of the pool, an ideal spot for the many grandkids to play under the sunken umbrella.  Lounging poolside one can watch the many boaters, from kayakers to large pleasure boats, pass by as well as the occasional orca.

Alka Pool

The water wall side of the infinity edge pool includes another fireside lounge perched on the rocks of the coast. As the water falls over the edge of the infinity wall, the sounds of flowing water enhance the low-key vibe.  The twilight blue tones of this water wall tile complement the rocky surroundings providing a calm atmosphere.

Alka Pool

For a truly water centric experience, a quaint water feature sits off to the side of the patio leading the way to the swimspace.  It features three sheer descents embedded in the stone façade of the water wall.  This melodic ambiance can be heard from the adjacent alcove creating a unique dinning experience.

Alka Pool


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