Station Square 5

ALKA Pool Alka Pool

Alka Pool

The Project

In a newly developed section of this bustling city, stands a series of high-rises each with a courtyard at its center.  Here we feature courtyard #5, located on the second level.   Winner of the Outstanding Award (Top in the Public WF Category) for the Master Pools Guild 2022.

ALKA Pool Alka Pool

Though simple in design, this stark black commercial water feature makes a bold statement.  A series of evenly spaced weirs and bubbler jets align with the modern layout of the building.

ALKA Pool Alka Pool

Its sleek look and impressive length elevate the courtyard to sophisticated luxury.  For both aesthetics and as a noise cancelling effect, the bubblers and weirs provide the perfect backdrop for community gatherings.

ALKA Pool Alka Pool


2022 Master Pools Guild

Outstanding Public Water Feature (Top in Category)


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