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No matter the season, swimming should be done with Safety First in mind.  Remember these safety tips the next time you dive in;

  • Never Swim Alone – Whether you are just learning to swim or a veteran swimmer, always swim with someone near by. Just like SCUBA divers, who always dive with a buddy, make your swim time social.
  • Supervise Your Children – Because things can change in an instant, ALWAYS have adult supervision when children are in or near the water and during water play. Even if they are using swim aids (such as; arm bands, floaties, water wings, life jacket or personal flotation device) you need to be nearby. There is no substitute for adult supervision.
  • Pool Rules – Nobody wants to ruin a fun day at the pool by getting hurt. So, to avoid injuries prominently display a Pool Rules Sign and discuss these rules with your family and friends prior to swimming.
  • Swim Lessons – Giving your children the knowledge to swim will encourage safe play time. Learning to swim also builds confidence and self esteem in children, not to mention giving them an essential life skill.
  • Enclosures – Safeguard your pool area with a fence and a self-closing/self-latching gate. Make sure to keep toys, outdoor furniture, potted plants etc. away from the fenced area as children can use them to climb up and over the fence into the pool area.
  • Clean Up – To avoid tempting the little ones to go and play in the pool on their own, pick up toys, goggles, swim aids etc. after your water play. Safety bonus, it helps avoid tripping too!
  • Upkeep – Follow your operating and maintenance instructions to properly care for our pool circulation system. Regular maintenance will keep your pool clean and prevent bacteria from growing.  No one likes a green pool!
  • Speed – Keep your First Aid Kit and Lifesaving Equipment near the pool area for quick access in the event of an emergency. Regularly check your safety supplies for expiration dates, condition and depletion to ensure all needed items are on hand and in working order.  We hope you never have to use them but if you do a life could depend in them.
  • Cover It Up – Consider the added safety measure of a pool cover. When your pool is not in use, this great safety feature has the additional benefit of saving on heating costs and water chemistry maintenance.
  • Walk, don’t run! – Common accidents happen from slipping on wet surfaces; easily avoidable if you remember this simple rule.
  • Look before you leap – Make sure the water is a safe depth before you dive in or jump high for that big splash. And ensure no one else is in your jump area to ruin your spectacular dive.
  • Be responsible – Alcohol slows reaction times and impairs judgment. It can even put you to sleep, especially in warmer temperatures like a hot tub. Never drink and swim!
  • Lather It On – Apply sunscreen whenever you are outdoors. Don’t forget to reapply after water play too.
  • Out of Sight – Lock your pool chemicals away from children in a well-ventilated area.

Playing safely is a team effort and easy to do if you remember these swim tips.  Let’s keep swimming a safe and fun activity for all…pass it along!

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