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Looking for ways to enliven your outdoor experience?  We’ve put together our top 5 outdoor games to play poolside or even better while swimming.

  • Frozen T-shirt Contest: This one is our top favorite for a little hilarity. Take two t-shirts dip them in water and freeze for 2-3 days.  Divide your group into two teams and give each team a t-shirt.  Using any method they can (pool, hose, slamming it on the ground) the goal is to be the first team to thaw the t-shirt.
  • Invisi-Bottle: Get a clear plastic water bottle preferably with a white cap and remove all labels, fill it with pool water.  Get everyone to go to opposite ends of the pool and turn around.  Throw the bottle into the pool and when they hear a splash the race is on to be the first to find the bottle.  It’s harder than it sounds as the bottle will virtually disappear in the water.
  • Numbers Crunch: You will need 25 floating balls that you will number from 1 to 25 in permanent ink (so the ink doesn’t dissolve in water).  Divide your group in two teams.  Put a bucket on each end of the pool and have the teams line up by their bucket then throw the balls into the water.  Each team will then race to fill up their buckets only grabbing one ball at time.  When all the balls have been collected each team will add up the number on their balls; highest score wins.
  • Ping-Pong Fun: Ping pong balls don’t sink and can be used in a variety of games just use your imagination.  Try a twist on the classic version of ping pong where your hand is the paddle and the object is to keep the ball from bouncing on the water as you pass it back and forth.
  • Sky is the Limit Contests: Whether it’s an underwater hand-standing contest or the biggest canon ball splash contest, these classics are a fun way for friendly competition.


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