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While summer is fresh in your mind, take a moment to plan the perfect outdoor oasis; your very own staycation.

With the outdoors becoming an extension of the indoor living space, there are so many possibilities one can consider.  The first step is to think about how you want to spend your time when outdoors. You want to create a space that suits both your personal style and way of living while still meeting your everyday needs.

  • Do you want tranquility and calm in the form of a Relaxation Retreat? Comfy couches and big fluffy pillows are a must.  A quaint reading nook will benefit from a trickling water feature designed to both enhance your space and soothe the senses.  Consider planting a lush garden that includes lavender and jasmine, surrounding yourself with sweet and succulent aromas.  The addition of a bird feeder will encourage beautiful feathered creatures to join you adding their musical song to your personal haven while leaving you smiling by their antics.
  • Do you want a Kid Centric place that will keep your kids closer to home and encourage family time? Consider climbing rock walls that have built in slides and diving boards.  Adding hidden nooks for pool accessories like volleyball nets and basketball hoops can change the space in a minute.  Outdoor speakers can also keep the kids engaged in auditory stimulation and off their screens.
  • Are you the Neighbourhood Hub, entertaining at all hours and the place to be? You’ll require ample seating and a chic patio set for those dinners alfresco.  Get the top of the line outdoor kitchen right up to the side of the swimming pool and include underwater bar stools for extra seating.  Supplementary lighting and special heating like fire bowls and fire pits will keep the party going late into the night.
  • For the fitness savvy, a Fitness Center in the form of an at home gym could be the answer. Visualize a refreshing morning swim in your lap pool complete with racing lanes and resistance swim jets.  Why not go the whole nine yards and build a therapeutic indoor spa complete with a cold plunge pool and luxurious whirlpool to relieve those well worked muscles.  Don’t forget the plush lounge chairs for an after workout relaxing lie down.
  • Perhaps you want to make your pool oasis blend into the surroundings enhancing its Natural Beauty? Faux rock and stone decking are obvious choices. Using colored plaster for the pool finish can create a variety of hues like the rich sea green of a mountain lake or the jewel tones of the ocean.  Geothermal heating and automated cleaning systems can help you go green with these environmentally friendly products.  Also consider LED lights for longevity and automatic pool covers that will not only save money on heating but also keep the leaves out of your pool.

With the right planning, you can create the perfect escape to enjoy #LivingItUpPoolside just beyond your own back door.

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