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No one is too old for a cannon ball competition! For this competition you will need contestants who will be jumping into the swimming pool to create the biggest splash. You will also need a judge to critique the contestant with the biggest splash and the best form. Here are some helpful tips to up your game and become the ultimate cannonball champion.

  • To perform a cannon ball one must jump from a diving board or pool side grabbing both knees to the chest in the process
  • The splash will become bigger with the more surface area you create. You can do this by putting your elbows outward and gripping your legs tightly
  • The more speed you create, the more water will rise. Jump as high as you can so your body can accelerate before it hits the water thus creating the biggest splash
  • For an even bigger splash try to land straight down into the water. The closer you are to a 90-degree angle, the larger the splash you will make. Aim to keep that perfect sphere shape and land on the bottom of your feet
  • Practice makes perfect so get out there and start splashing!

Just make sure you are also being safe by finding the deepest part of the pool and that no one is near you in the water where you want to land. 

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